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Seite 1 - CPT 9000

Telephone Users Manual. For Bluetooth phones and CPT 9000.

Seite 2

Inserting the Snap-in adapter1. Press button 1.Take out the cover2. Insert the snap-in adapter and press down until itengages.To remove the snap in-a

Seite 3

Activating Bluetooth in your vehicle1. Press the button to call up the start menu2. Select the i menu and press the controller3. Select "Communi

Seite 4

PairingIn order to pair, you must enter a random passkey both viathe mobile phone and via the Display. The passkey can beany number that you choose up

Seite 5 - Contents

List of paired mobile phonesAll mobile phones that are paired are displayed in a list.The mobile phone, which is at the top of the list, has thehighes

Seite 6 - Status at time of printing

De-activating Bluetooth connectionIf the Bluetooth connection is de-activated, you can nolonger operate the mobile phone via the vehicle.To de-activat

Seite 7 - Safety Notes

To operate the BMW mobile phone using the equipment inthe vehicle, it must be placed in the cradle.While using BMW Assist, you will not be able to ope

Seite 8 - Overview

You can use the following functions via the Display: Entering unlock code with portable phone inserted* Dialing phone number Phone book  Top 8 Re

Seite 9 - What is…?

4. Select "Dial number" and press the controller.Ending a call1. If necessary, select the telephone number2. Press the controller.Other me

Seite 10 - Removing the mobile phone

Adding digits to phone numbers You can add other digits to a phone number stored in thephone book, e.g. to call a specific extension:1. Select "

Seite 11 - Set the car in pairing mode

Deleting the entire list1. Select an entry from the list2. Press the controller.Other menu items are displayed3. Select "Delete all numbers&quo

Seite 13 - List of paired mobile phones

Canceling operation via voice Briefly press the button on steering wheelor{Cancel}.In dialogs where text of any kind can be spoken, e.g. an

Seite 14

Calling Dialing phone number1. {Dial number}.The dialog for establishing a telephone connec-tion is called up2. Say the phone number.For telephone cal

Seite 15

NotesThe voice commands were available in English on going toprint. Other languages are currently not available. Important for voice commandsFor voice

Seite 16 - General phone instruction

Calling sender1. Select the desired text message and press the con-troller.The text message is displayed2. Select "Options" and press the c

Seite 17 - Dialing from the phone book

More about BMWbmwusa.comThe UltimateDriving MachinePART NUMBER ue E60, E63, E64 Cell. Prep.

Seite 18 - Deleting individual entries

A mobile phone lets you stay in touch wherever you go. This Owner's Manual will help youlearn how to easily operate your mobile phone using featu

Seite 20

Notes2 Using this Owner's Manual2 Symbols used2 Status at time of printingSafety notes3 Exposure to radio frequency technology3 For your own safe

Seite 21

Using this Owner's ManualThis Owner's Manual instructs you how to oper-ate your mobile phone using the multi-functionsteering wheel, Display

Seite 22 - Displaying text messages/SMS

Exposure to radio frequency technologyBMW strongly recommends the use of a base plate with asnap-in adapter* in your car. The use of this special equi

Seite 23 - Entering unlock code*

Depending on your handset, you can connect yourBluetooth phone via the Bluetooth interface or the CPT9000 via the cradle to your vehicle.  Getting st

Seite 24 - More about BMW

The principleYour car is equipped with a Bluetooth portable phoneinterface. As soon as you have performed a once-onlypairing procedure in the car, you

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