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This leaflet is prepared as a Club service. The contents are believed correct at the date of publication
but please raise any queries with the Club's Information office.
September 2008
Caravanning should be fun, and part of that fun should be the journey, and not just the
destination. Choosing the right towcar will go a long way to ensuring that your
towing experience is enjoyable and relaxed, as well as being safe and legal, of course.
Caravanners can create problems for themselves and attract the hostility of other road
users in two main ways: by being or appearing unsafe, or by holding up other traffic.
The first results from an outfit badly matched for weight, with a caravan too heavy for
the towcar to handle safely (outfit weight ratio) and the second from a towcar with
inadequate power to pull almost twice its own weight (power to weight ratio). Given
unlimited funds neither would occur, for you would choose a heavy, powerful car
which avoids both problems. In reality, most of us need an economical, generally
light car for most of the year and just an occasional towcar - it can therefore be a
difficult compromise in finding one that fits both bills.
Leaving aside other considerations for a moment, for optimum towing performance,
the principle must be to have the heaviest practical towcar for a given caravan, for
otherwise the chances of a swaying trailer becoming an uncontrollably snaking trailer
are very real. Aim for a towed load of no more than 85% of the car's kerb weight
(KW) and never exceed 100%. Remember that the towed weight is the actual laden
weight (ALW) that the car is asked to pull (empty weight of caravan plus what you
add), not the theoretical maximum technically permissible laden mass (MTPLM).
When you have established your caravan's ALW, multiply it by 1.2 as a guide to the
kerb weight of car to aim for.
Remember that all the above are rules of thumb, not of law. Relating the unladen
weight of the car to the laden weight of the caravan is an example of a simple
formula, and the variable loading of the car is the reason why the car's laden weight is
not suggested. Of course the more you can load in the car without unbalancing it or
exceeding the manufacturer's stated axle loads and the less in the caravan, the more
secure you will be on the road.
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1 CHOICE OF TOWCAR This leaflet is prepared as a Club service. The contents are believed correct at the date of publication but please

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