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Seite 1 - Contents

The UltimateDriving MachineOwner's Manualfor VehicleContentsA-ZOnline Edition for Part-No. 01 41 0 159 259 - © 03/05 BMW AG

Seite 2

At a glanceThis overview of buttons, switches and displaysis intended to familiarize you with your vehicle'soperating environment. The section wi

Seite 3

Controls 99Reference At a glanceDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobilityEmptyingLift out the insert.LighterWith the engine running o

Seite 4

Practical interior accessories100In the luggage compartment*To gain access to the power socket:Open the cap.Through-loading system*Opening1. Open the

Seite 5 - Symbols used

Controls 101Reference At a glanceDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobilityThe lashing eyes in the luggage compartment provide you wit

Seite 6 - For your own safety

Practical interior accessories1021. Fold down the center panel in the rear seat backrest.2. Pull the handle, arrow 1.3. Pull out the insert, arrow 2.F

Seite 7 - Service and warranty

Controls 103Reference At a glanceDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobilityOnline Edition for Part-No. 01 41 0 159 259 - © 03/05 BMW A

Seite 8 - Reporting safety defects

Online Edition for Part-No. 01 41 0 159 259 - © 03/05 BMW AG

Seite 9

Driving tipsThis section provides you with informationuseful in dealing with specific driving andoperating conditions.Driving tipsOnline Edition for P

Seite 10 - At a glance

Things to remember when driving106Things to remember when drivingBreak-in periodMoving parts need breaking-in time to adjust to each other. Please fol

Seite 11

Driving tips 107Reference At a glanceControlsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobilityInterior and exterior mirrors, automatic dimming feature*Th

Seite 12

Things to remember when driving108the transmission in neutral and there will be no power assistance to the brakes or steering while the engine is swit

Seite 13 - Instrument cluster

Cockpit10CockpitAround the steering wheel: controls and displays3 Adjusting exterior mirrors, automatic curb monitor* 43 1Safety switch for electric r

Seite 14 - Indicator and warning lamps

Driving tips 109Reference At a glanceControlsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobilityLoadThe permissible load is the total of the weight of occu

Seite 15

Things to remember when driving110Mounting pointsOpen the covers.Loading roof-mounted luggage rackBecause roof racks raise the vehicle's center o

Seite 16

Driving tips 111Reference At a glanceControlsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobilityOnline Edition for Part-No. 01 41 0 159 259 - © 03/05 BMW A

Seite 17

Online Edition for Part-No. 01 41 0 159 259 - © 03/05 BMW AG

Seite 18 - Operating principle

NavigationThis chapter describes how you canenter destinations and specify your routeso that your navigation system guides youreliably to your destina

Seite 19 - Displays in menu

Starting the navigation system114Starting the navigation systemYour navigation system can use satellites to ascertain the precise position of your veh

Seite 20 - Adjusting settings

Navigation Driving tips 115Reference At a glanceControlsCommunications EntertainmentMobilityDestination entryIn entering your destination you can sele

Seite 21 - Status information

Destination entry1163. Select "Enter address" and press the con-troller.The system also supports you with the follow-ing features:> If yo

Seite 22 - Switching Control Display on/

Navigation Driving tips 117Reference At a glanceControlsCommunications EntertainmentMobilityInputting destination by zip code1. Select "Town / Ci

Seite 23 - Voice command system

Destination entry118Starting destination guidance with manual destination entrySelect "Start guidance" and press the control-ler.Destination

Seite 24

At a glance 11Reference ControlsDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobility7 Instrument cluster 1210 Ignition lock 4911 Buttons* on the

Seite 25

Navigation Driving tips 119Reference At a glanceControlsCommunications EntertainmentMobility6. Select the desired menu item:> "Start route gui

Seite 26

Destination entry120Select "Select as destination" and press the controller.> To establish a telephone connection:Select "Call"

Seite 27

Navigation Driving tips 121Reference At a glanceControlsCommunications EntertainmentMobilityAddress bookOpening address bookiDrive concept, refer to p

Seite 28

Destination entry122To start destination guidance:Select "Start guidance" and press the control-ler.Changing destinations from address book1

Seite 29 - Opening and closing

Navigation Driving tips 123Reference At a glanceControlsCommunications EntertainmentMobilityTurn the controller until "Home address" is sele

Seite 30 - Central locking system

Destination entry1245. If necessary, select an additional route cri-terion and then press the controller:> "Avoid tollroads"Toll roads ar

Seite 31

Navigation Driving tips 125Reference At a glanceControlsCommunications EntertainmentMobilityDestination guidanceStarting destination guidanceiDrive co

Seite 32

Destination guidance126If you did not reach your destination before the end of your last journey, the following question will appear in the display at

Seite 33

Navigation Driving tips 127Reference At a glanceControlsCommunications EntertainmentMobilitylighted. Turn the controller until the desired map view is

Seite 34

Destination guidance128map view:Select the symbol and press the controller.To switch the voice instructions on/off at any time:1. Open the start men

Seite 35

Cockpit12Instrument cluster1 Speedometer2 Indicator lamps for turn signals3 Indicator and warning lamps 134 Displays for active cruise control* 575 Ta

Seite 36

Navigation Driving tips 129Reference At a glanceControlsCommunications EntertainmentMobilitythe controller until "New route" is selected and

Seite 37

What to do if …130What to do if …What to do if …> a navigation DVD is inserted, but an instruc-tion to insert the DVD appears on the Con-trol Displ

Seite 38 - Manually opening and closing

Navigation Driving tips 131Reference At a glanceControlsCommunications EntertainmentMobilityOnline Edition for Part-No. 01 41 0 159 259 - © 03/05 BMW

Seite 39 - Adjustments

Online Edition for Part-No. 01 41 0 159 259 - © 03/05 BMW AG

Seite 40

EntertainmentOperation of the radio and CD equipment aswell as their tone settings are described in thischapter.EntertainmentOnline Edition for Part-N

Seite 41

On/off and settings134On/off and settingsThe following audio sources have shared con-trols and setting options:> Radio Professional> CD player&g

Seite 42 - Heated seats*

NavigationEntertainment Driving tips 135Reference At a glanceControlsCommunicationsMobilityAdjusting volumeTurn knob 1 on the CD player until the desi

Seite 43

On/off and settings1361. Select "Speed volume" and press the con-troller.2. Turn the controller.The adjustment is applied; the field can be

Seite 44 - Safety belts

NavigationEntertainment Driving tips 137Reference At a glanceControlsCommunicationsMobilityResetting tone settingsYou can reset all tone settings to t

Seite 45

Radio138RadioYour radio provides reception of the FM and AM wavebands.Listening to the radioPress the button if the sound output is switched off.iDriv

Seite 46 - Operating function

At a glance 13Reference ControlsDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobilityIndicator and warning lampsThe conceptIndicator and warning

Seite 47 - Transporting children safely

NavigationEntertainment Driving tips 139Reference At a glanceControlsCommunicationsMobilityButtons on the CD player Press the button for the corre-spo

Seite 48 - Installing child-restraint

Radio1405. Select "Autostore" and press the controller.The display of the stations with the strongest reception is updated. The frequencies

Seite 49

NavigationEntertainment Driving tips 141Reference At a glanceControlsCommunicationsMobility4. Select "Store" and press the controller.5. Tur

Seite 50 - Starting the engine

Radio1423. Select "SAT".4. Press the controller.The channels are displayed. These channels are enabled.Enabling1. Select a channel that has

Seite 51 - Switching off the engine

NavigationEntertainment Driving tips 143Reference At a glanceControlsCommunicationsMobility4. If "Categories" has been selected:Select the d

Seite 52 - Steptronic*

Radio144Changing channels with buttons on CD player Press the button for the corresponding direction.The system switches to the next enabled chan-nel.

Seite 53

NavigationEntertainment Driving tips 145Reference At a glanceControlsCommunicationsMobilityCD player and CD changerListening to CDsStarting the CD pla

Seite 54 - Turn signals/

CD player and CD changer146Selecting a trackButtons on the CD playerPress the button for the appropriate direction as often as necessary until the d

Seite 55 - Wiper system

NavigationEntertainment Driving tips 147Reference At a glanceControlsCommunicationsMobilityRandom play sequenceThe tracks on the current CD are played

Seite 56 - Cruise control*

CD player and CD changer148Inserting the CD magazineInsert the CD magazine all the way in the direc-tion of arrow 1 and close the cover, arrow 2.The C

Seite 57

Cockpit14Around the center console: controls and displaysOnline Edition for Part-No. 01 41 0 159 259 - © 03/05 BMW AG

Seite 58 - Active cruise control*

NavigationEntertainment Driving tips 149Reference At a glanceControlsCommunicationsMobilityExternal audio deviceYou can connect an external audio devi

Seite 59 - Increasing in increments

Online Edition for Part-No. 01 41 0 159 259 - © 03/05 BMW AG

Seite 60 - Deactivating cruise control

CommunicationsThis chapter describes how to use BMW Assistand TeleService.CommunicationsOnline Edition for Part-No. 01 41 0 159 259 - © 03/05 BMW AG

Seite 61 - Warning lamps

Telephoning152TelephoningSafety notesFor your own safetyA car phone makes life more convenient in many ways, and can even save lives in an emer-gency.

Seite 62 - System limitations

153EntertainmentReference At a glanceControlsDriving tipsCommunications NavigationMobilityAdjusting volumeTurn the knob during a call to select the d

Seite 63 - Your responsibility

Telephoning1544. Select "Dial number" and press the control-ler.Ending a call1. If necessary, select the telephone number.2. Press the contr

Seite 64

155EntertainmentReference At a glanceControlsDriving tipsCommunications NavigationMobility1. Select "Phone" and press the controller.2. Sel

Seite 65 - Everything under control

Telephoning1563. Select "Delete" and press the controller.The entry is deleted.Deleting the entire list1. Select an entry from the list.2. P

Seite 66 - Computer

157EntertainmentReference At a glanceControlsDriving tipsCommunications NavigationMobilityCanceling operation by voicePress button on steering whee

Seite 67

Telephoning158Example: Dialing phone numbersStart the dialog:Press the button on the steering wheel.Adjusting volumeYou can adjust the volume for th

Seite 68 - Display options

At a glance 15Reference ControlsDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobility1 Microphone for hands-free telephone*2 Initiating an emerge

Seite 69

159EntertainmentReference At a glanceControlsDriving tipsCommunications NavigationMobilityStoring an entryAn entry always consists of a name and phon

Seite 70 - Service requirements

TeleService, BMW Assist160TeleService , BMW AssistTeleServiceTeleService supports you when communicat-ing with a BMW center. The built-in car phone ca

Seite 71

161EntertainmentReference At a glanceControlsDriving tipsCommunications NavigationMobility4. Select "BMW Service settings" and press the co

Seite 72 - In the instrument cluster

TeleService, BMW Assist162Roadside AssistanceYou can call the Roadside Assistance* of the BMW Group should you require help in the event of a breakdow

Seite 73

163EntertainmentReference At a glanceControlsDriving tipsCommunications NavigationMobility3. Select "Communication settings" and press the

Seite 74 - Check Control

TeleService, BMW Assist1641. Press the button.This opens the start menu.2. Move the controller forwards to select "Communication".3. Selec

Seite 75

165EntertainmentReference At a glanceControlsDriving tipsCommunications NavigationMobilityOnline Edition for Part-No. 01 41 0 159 259 - © 03/05 BMW A

Seite 76 - Stopwatch

Online Edition for Part-No. 01 41 0 159 259 - © 03/05 BMW AG

Seite 77

MobilityThis section helps you maintain your car'smobility by supplying important informationon vital topics including fuels and lubricants,wheel

Seite 78 - PDC Park Distance Control*

Refueling168RefuelingAlways switch off the engine before refu-eling. If you do not, fuel cannot be filled into the tank and a message will appear on t

Seite 79 - Driving stability control

iDrive16iDriveiDrive integrates the functions of a large num-ber of switches. This allows these functions to be operated from a single central positio

Seite 80

Mobility 169Reference At a glanceControlsDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentRequired fuelPremium Unleaded GasolineThe minimum octane ra

Seite 81 - Flat Tire Monitor FTM

Wheels and tires170Wheels and tiresTire inflation pressureInformation for your safetyIt is not merely the tires' service life, but also driving c

Seite 82 - Active steering*

Mobility 171Reference At a glanceControlsDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainment160 km/h. Do not exceed this speed, otherwise tire damage a

Seite 83 - Brake Force Display*

Wheels and tires172Tire inflation pressures for 325i without Sports packageTire size Pressure specifications in psi/kPa Traveling speeds up to a max.

Seite 84 - Protective action

Mobility 173Reference At a glanceControlsDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentTire inflation pressures for 325i with Sports package*Tire

Seite 85 - Passenger airbag status lamp

Wheels and tires174Tire inflation pressures for 330i without Sports packageTire size Pressure specifications in psi/kPa Traveling speeds up to a max.

Seite 86 - Parking lamps/low beams

Mobility 175Reference At a glanceControlsDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentTire inflation pressures for 330i with Sports package*Tire

Seite 87 - High beams/roadside parking

Wheels and tires176Tire identification marksKnowledge of the labeling on the side of the tire makes it easier to identify and choose the right tires.T

Seite 88 - Interior lamps

Mobility 177Reference At a glanceControlsDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentTemperatureThe temperature grades are A, the highest, B, an

Seite 89 - Reading lamps

Wheels and tires178Servicing tiresUnprofessional attempts by laymen to service tires can lead to damage and acci-dents. Have this work performed by sk

Seite 90

At a glance 17Reference ControlsDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobilityMenu overviewCommunication> Telephone*> BMW Assist* or

Seite 91 - Automatic climate control

Mobility 179Reference At a glanceControlsDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentRecommended tire brandsCertain makes of tire are recommende

Seite 92

Under the hood180Under the hoodDo not work on the car unless you pos-sess the necessary technical knowledge. If you are unfamiliar with the statutory

Seite 93

Mobility 181Reference At a glanceControlsDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentEngine compartment1 Expansion tank for coolant, refer to pa

Seite 94 - Integrated universal remote

Under the hood182Possible displays1 Oil level OK2 Oil level is being checked.This can take about 3 minutes if the car is at a standstill on a level su

Seite 95 - Setting compass zones

Mobility 183Reference At a glanceControlsDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainment> "Please observe recalculated service inter-val fo

Seite 96 - Roller sun blinds*

Under the hood1843. The coolant level is correct if it is between the maximum and minimum marks in the filler neck, refer also to the diagram next to

Seite 97 - Center armrest

Mobility 185Reference At a glanceControlsDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMaintenanceThe BMW Maintenance SystemThe BMW Maintenance Sy

Seite 98 - Storage package*

Maintenance186OBD SocketThe Onboard Diagnostics OBD interface socket is located on the left of the driver's side under the instrument panel and u

Seite 99 - Ashtray, front

Mobility 187Reference At a glanceControlsDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentReplacing componentsOnboard tool kitThe onboard tool kit is

Seite 100 - Connecting electrical

Replacing components188journey with great care, provided that local leg-islation does not prohibit this.Have work on the xenon lighting system perform

Seite 101 - Through-loading system*

iDrive18Calling up menu items in the start menuAs of radio readiness, refer to page 49:Via the start menu you can call up the four menu items of Commu

Seite 102 - Ski bag*

Mobility 189Reference At a glanceControlsDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainment3. Push the wire bracket to the side out of the mounting, a

Seite 103

Replacing components1901 Brake lamp2 Roadside parking lamp/tail lamp3 Turn signal4 Backup lamp5 Tail lamp6 Brake lampLamps in the luggage compartment

Seite 104 - Controls

Mobility 191Reference At a glanceControlsDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentaccording to BMW repair procedures with cor-respondingly tr

Seite 105

Replacing components192> Radio In some cases, stations may have to be memorized again, refer to page 140.> Navigation system Wait until the syst

Seite 106 - Driving tips

Mobility 193Reference At a glanceControlsDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentGiving and receiving assistanceEmergency calling*Conditions

Seite 107 - Break-in period

Giving and receiving assistance194you to have a first-aid kit and a warning triangle in the car.<Warning triangle*The warning triangle is on the le

Seite 108 - * is controlled by two photo

Mobility 195Reference At a glanceControlsDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentnal of the battery or to the engine or body ground of the v

Seite 109 - Cargo loading

Giving and receiving assistance196Vehicles with automatic transmissionSelector lever in position N.Changing selector lever positions, refer to page 52

Seite 110 - Roof-mounted luggage rack*

Mobility 197Reference At a glanceControlsDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentOnline Edition for Part-No. 01 41 0 159 259 - © 03/05 BMW A

Seite 111 - Mounting points

Online Edition for Part-No. 01 41 0 159 259 - © 03/05 BMW AG

Seite 112

325i330iOwner's Manual for VehicleCongratulations, and thank you for choosing a BMW.Thorough familiarity with your vehicle will provide you with

Seite 113

At a glance 19Reference ControlsDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobilitySelecting menu items and making adjustments1 Selecting a men

Seite 114 - Navigation

ReferenceThis chapter contains technical data, shortcommands for the voice command system andan index which will help you find information themost qui

Seite 115 - Display in the assistance

Technical data200Technical dataEngine dataDimensions 325i 330iDisplacementNumber of cylinders cu in/cmµ 182.8/2,9966182.8/2,9966Maximum outputat engin

Seite 116 - Destination entry

Reference 201At a glanceControlsDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobilityWeightsNever exceed either the approved axle loads or the gr

Seite 117

Short commands for the voice command system202Short commands for the voice command systemWith short commands you can carry out certain functions direc

Seite 118

Reference 203At a glanceControlsDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobilityOnboard infoEntertainmentTo display destination list 120 {De

Seite 119

Short commands for the voice command system204Climate menuTo select radio presets 138 {Preset ...} or{Choose preset}To open "Manual" 139 {FM

Seite 120 - Selecting destination using

Reference 205At a glanceControlsDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobilityTo open "Date" 72 {Date}To open "PDC" 77

Seite 121

Everything from A-Z206Everything from A-ZIndex"..." Identifies Control Display texts used to select individual functions and refers you to t

Seite 122 - Address book

Reference 207At a glanceControlsDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobility"Automatic programs" with automatic climate contro

Seite 123

Everything from A-Z208Car battery, refer to Vehicle battery 191Car care, refer to Caring for your vehicle brochureCar-care products, refer to Caring f

Seite 124 - Route selecting

iDrive20Status information1 Display for:> Entertainment: Radio, CD or entertainment audio output off> Telephone* in "Communication": N

Seite 125

Reference 209At a glanceControlsDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobility"Concert hall" tone settings 136Condensation, refe

Seite 126 - Destination guidance

Everything from A-Z210Display lighting, refer to Instrument lighting 87"Display off" 21Displays, refer to Instrument cluster 12Displays and

Seite 127

Reference 211At a glanceControlsDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobilityEyes– for tow-starting and towing away 195– for tying down l

Seite 128

Everything from A-Z212Heavy loads, refer to Stowing cargo 109Height, refer to Dimensions 200Height adjustment– seats 39– steering wheel 44High beams 8

Seite 129

Reference 213At a glanceControlsDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobility"Lighting" 85, 86Lighting– instruments 87– lamps a

Seite 130 - Displaying current position

Everything from A-Z214Navigation system 114– address book 121– destination entry 115– destination guidance in assistance window 114– destination list

Seite 131 - What to do if …

Reference 215At a glanceControlsDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobilityPortable phone– accepted calls 155– adjusting volume 153– ca

Seite 132 - Navigation Driving tips

Everything from A-Z216Reverse gear– automatic transmission with Steptronic 52– manual transmission 51Road map 126"Roadside Assistance" 162Ro

Seite 133

Reference 217At a glanceControlsDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobility"Short route" in navigation 123"Show current

Seite 134 - Entertainment

Everything from A-Z218Temperature display– ice warning 64– outside temperature 64– setting the units 68"Terminate services" 163"Text la

Seite 135 - On/off and settings

At a glance 21Reference ControlsDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobilitySwitching assistance window on/off1. Move the controller to

Seite 136 - Tone control

Reference 219At a glanceControlsDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobilityVentilation 92– draft-free 92– in the rear 92Vents, refer to

Seite 137

Online Edition for Part-No. 01 41 0 159 259 - © 03/05 BMW AG

Seite 138 - Resetting tone settings

RefuelingSo that you always have access to the data you need when refueling, you are recommended to enter the relevant figures for your car in the tab

Seite 139 - Listening to the radio

01 41 0 159 259 ue iDrive*BL0159259009*The UltimateDriving MachineMore about BMWbmwusa.comOnline Edition for Part-No. 01 41 0 159 259 - © 03/05 BMW A

Seite 140 - Selecting frequency manually

Voice command system22Voice command systemThe conceptThe voice command system allows you to con-trol operation of various vehicle systems with-out rem

Seite 141 - Storing stations

At a glance 23Reference ControlsDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobility This symbol appears on the Control Display when you can inp

Seite 142 - Satellite radio*

Voice command system245. Press the button on the steering wheel or in the center console.{NotesFor information on voice control of the telephone, re

Seite 143 - Disabling

At a glance 25Reference ControlsDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobilityOnline Edition for Part-No. 01 41 0 159 259 - © 03/05 BMW AG

Seite 144 - Storing a channel

Online Edition for Part-No. 01 41 0 159 259 - © 03/05 BMW AG

Seite 145

ControlsThis chapter is intended to provide you withinformation for complete control of your vehicle.All features and accessories that are useful ford

Seite 146 - CD player and CD changer

Opening and closing28Opening and closingKeys/remote controls1 Each remote control has an integrated key. Power is supplied by a long-life recharge-abl

Seite 147

© 2005 Bayerische Motoren WerkeAktiengesellschaftMunich, GermanyReprinting, including excerpts, only with the written consent of BMW AG, Munich. Order

Seite 148 - CD magazine

Controls 29Reference At a glanceDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobilityPersonal ProfileYou can set many of your BMW's function

Seite 149

Opening and closing30Opening and closing: from outsideUsing the remote controlProtect the remote control against unau-thorized use by handing over onl

Seite 150 - External audio device

Controls 31Reference At a glanceDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobilityBefore and after each trip, check that the lug-gage compartm

Seite 151

Opening and closing32Opening and closing: from insideThis button serves to unlock or lock doors and the luggage compartment lid, but does not acti-vat

Seite 152 - Communications

Controls 33Reference At a glanceDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobilityOpening from insidePress the button: the luggage compartment

Seite 153 - Telephoning

Opening and closing34ClosingThe handle recesses on the interior trim of the luggage compartment lid make it easier to pull down.Make sure that the clo

Seite 154 - Operation via iDrive

Controls 35Reference At a glanceDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobility> If the indicator lamp flashes after unlocking until the

Seite 155

Opening and closing36action is interrupted immediately and the win-dow reopens slightly.Despite the anti-trapping mechanism inspect the window's

Seite 156 - Deleting an individual entry

Controls 37Reference At a glanceDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobilitying visor remains open and must be closed by hand.For inform

Seite 157

Adjustments38AdjustmentsSitting safelyThe ideal sitting position can make a vital con-tribution to relaxed, fatigue-free driving. In con-junction with

Seite 158 - Voice commands

Reference At a glanceControlsDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobilityContentsThe fastest way to find information on a partic-ular to

Seite 159

Controls 39Reference At a glanceDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobilitySeatsNote before adjustingNever attempt to adjust your seat

Seite 160

Adjustments401 Longitudinal direction2 Height3 Angle4 BackrestThe head restraints are adjusted manually, refer to Head restraints below.Sports seat*On

Seite 161 - TeleService , BMW Assist

Controls 41Reference At a glanceDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobilityFront seatsHeight adjustment> To raise: pull up.> To l

Seite 162 - Services offered

Adjustments42Seat and mirror memory*You can store and call up two different combi-nations of driver's-seat and exterior-mirror positions.Settings

Seite 163

Controls 43Reference At a glanceDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobilityIf the button was pressed accidentally:press the button ag

Seite 164 - BMW Contact*

Adjustments44The positions of the exterior mirrors are stored for the remote control currently used*, refer to Personal Profile, page 29.Manual adjust

Seite 165

Controls 45Reference At a glanceDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobilityProgrammable buttons on the steering wheelYou can program th

Seite 166

Transporting children safely46Transporting children safelyThe right place for childrenDo not leave children unattended in the vehicle, as they could o

Seite 167

Controls 47Reference At a glanceDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobilityInstalling child-restraint systemsBefore installing any chil

Seite 168 - Mobility

Transporting children safely48Then push the center head restraint into the lowest position again.Adjust the tether strap according to the child-restra

Seite 169 - Refueling

Notes4NotesUsing this Owner's ManualWe have tried to make all the information in this Owner's Manual easy to find. The fastest way to find s

Seite 170 - Use high-quality brands

Controls 49Reference At a glanceDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobilityDrivingIgnition lockInsert the remote control all the way in

Seite 171 - Wheels and tires

Driving50The exhaust gases contain carbon monoxide, an odorless and colorless, but highly toxic gas. Never leave an unattended vehicle with the engine

Seite 172

Controls 51Reference At a glanceDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobilityHandbrakeThe handbrake is primarily intended to prevent the

Seite 173

Driving52Displays in the instrument clusterP R N D DS M1 to M6The selector lever position is displayed, or the current gear in the manual mode.Changin

Seite 174

Controls 53Reference At a glanceDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobilityTo use the automatic function again, move the selector lever

Seite 175

Driving54Wiper system1 Switching on wipers2 Switching off wipers or brief wipe3 Activating/deactivating intermittent wipe or rain sensor*4 Cleaning wi

Seite 176

Controls 55Reference At a glanceDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobilityWasher fluidWasher fluid antifreeze is flammable. Always kee

Seite 177

Driving56Increasing desired speedTap the lever repeatedly to the resistance point or beyond, arrow 1, until the desired speed is reached.> Each tim

Seite 178 - Tire condition

Controls 57Reference At a glanceDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobilityDisplays in the instrument cluster1 Stored speed2 Selected s

Seite 179

Driving58personal responsibility, alertness and aware-ness in adjusting speed, braking or otherwise controlling the vehicle. The driver should decide

Seite 180 - Snow chains*

5Reference At a glanceControlsDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobilityThe individual vehicleWhen you ordered your BMW, you chose va

Seite 181 - Under the hood

Controls 59Reference At a glanceDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobilityIncreasing continuouslyPress the lever repeatedly to the res

Seite 182 - Engine oil

Driving60> When you deactivate the Dynamic Stability Control DSC> When DSC or ABS is intervening> When the system does not recognize any obje

Seite 183

Controls 61Reference At a glanceDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobilityinterventions. Active cruise control is deacti-vated. You ca

Seite 184 - Checking coolant level

Driving62reaction to a vehicle in front of you or may cause the system to react to a vehicle actually in the lane next to you. Always be ready to take

Seite 185

Controls 63Reference At a glanceDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobilityas floor mats are lying on the accelerator pedal. Otherwise

Seite 186 - Maintenance

Everything under control64Everything under controlOdometer, outside temperature display, clock1 Resetting trip odometer2 Outside temperature display a

Seite 187

Controls 65Reference At a glanceDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobilitystyle is conducive to fuel economy with mini-mum exhaust emi

Seite 188 - Replacing components

Everything under control66Average fuel consumptionThe average fuel consumption is calculated for the time during which the engine is running.With the

Seite 189

Controls 67Reference At a glanceDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobility> Driving time> Distance traveled> Average speed>

Seite 190 - Tail lamps

Everything under control68Settings and informationOperating principle1 Button for:> Selecting display> Setting values2 Button for:> Confirmin

Seite 191

Notes6BMW warrants these parts to be free from defects in material and workmanship.BMW will not accept any liability for damage resulting from install

Seite 192 - Vehicle battery

Controls 69Reference At a glanceDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobility5. Select the desired menu item and press the controller.6.

Seite 193

Everything under control70Possible displays1 Button for selecting functions2 Viewing service requirements3 Checking engine oil level*4 Exhaust emissio

Seite 194 - First-aid kit*

Controls 71Reference At a glanceDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobilitySelect the entry and press the controller.To exit from the m

Seite 195 - Jump starting

Everything under control721. Lightly push button 1 in the turn indicator stalk repeatedly up or down until the appro-priate symbol appears in the disp

Seite 196 - Tow-starting, towing away

Controls 73Reference At a glanceDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobility4. Press button 2.5. Set the month and the year in the same

Seite 197

Everything under control74For most Check Control messages, you can view more information later, e.g. regarding the cause of a malfunction and how to r

Seite 198

Controls 75Reference At a glanceDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobility3. Lightly push button 1 to check for other messages.4. Pres

Seite 199

Everything under control764. Select "Stopwatch" and press the control-ler.Starting, stopping or resetting> Select "Start" and p

Seite 200 - Reference

Controls 77Reference At a glanceDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobilityTechnology for driving comfort and safetyPDC Park Distance C

Seite 201 - Technical data

Technology for driving comfort and safety784. Select "PDC" and press the controller.5. Select "PDC display on" and press the con-t

Seite 202 - Capacities

7Reference At a glanceControlsDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobilityReporting safety defectsFor U.S. customersThe following appli

Seite 203 - Communication

Controls 79Reference At a glanceDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobilityDTC Dynamic Traction ControlDTC is a version of DSC in which

Seite 204 - Onboard info

Technology for driving comfort and safety80If the warning lamps for DSC come on. DSC including DTC and DBC is malfunctioning. The stabilizing action a

Seite 205 - Function Command

Controls 81Reference At a glanceDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobility4. Select "FTM" and press the controller.5. Start

Seite 206

Technology for driving comfort and safety82ments. It also varies the steering force required to turn the wheels depending on the speed at which you ar

Seite 207 - Everything from A-Z

Controls 83Reference At a glanceDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobility3 Side airbags in the seat backrestsProtective actionObserve

Seite 208

Technology for driving comfort and safety84Operational readiness of airbag systemWhen the remote control is inserted into the ignition lock or the car

Seite 209

Controls 85Reference At a glanceDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobilityLampsParking lamps/low beams1 Automatic headlamp control*/Ad

Seite 210

Lamps86Pathway lightingIf you activate the headlamp flasher after park-ing the car, with the lights switched off, the low beams come on and remain on

Seite 211

Controls 87Reference At a glanceDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobilityWith the remote control removed or with radio readiness and

Seite 212

Lamps88Switching interior lamps on and off manuallyInterior lamps, front and rear*:To switch on and off, press the button briefly.To switch off the la

Seite 213

Online Edition for Part-No. 01 41 0 159 259 - © 03/05 BMW AG

Seite 214

Controls 89Reference At a glanceDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobilityControlling the climate for pleasant driving1 Airflow direct

Seite 215

Controlling the climate for pleasant driving90Automatic climate controlComfortable interior climateAUTO program 7 offers the ideal air distribution an

Seite 216

Controls 91Reference At a glanceDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobilityIntensity of the AUTO programYou can set the intensity of th

Seite 217

Controlling the climate for pleasant driving92Switching the cooling function on and offThe cooling function cools and dehumidifies the incoming air be

Seite 218

Controls 93Reference At a glanceDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobilityPractical interior accessoriesIntegrated universal remote co

Seite 219

Practical interior accessories94The corresponding memory button 1 is now programmed with the signal of the original hand-held transmitter.You can oper

Seite 220

Controls 95Reference At a glanceDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobilityTo set a compass zone, press the adjustment button on the bo

Seite 221

Practical interior accessories96Roller sun blind for rear side windowPull loop of roller sun blind and hook onto bracket.Glove compartmentOpeningPull

Seite 222

Controls 97Reference At a glanceDriving tipsCommunications NavigationEntertainmentMobilityVentilated storage compartmentThe storage compartment in the

Seite 223 - *BL0159259009*

Practical interior accessories98sary, you can pull out the drawer entirely, refer to the information belowDo not drive or close the luggage com-partme

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