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Seite 1 - BMW Motorrad Navigator III

owner's manual BMW Motorrad Navigator IIITeile und Zubehör

Seite 2

Navigator III Owner’s Manual My LocationsMy Locations Saving LocationsAny time you are viewing a location’s information page, you can save that loca

Seite 3 - Warnings

 Navigator III Owner’s ManualMy LocationsFinding Saved LocationsFrom the Main menu, touch Where To > My Locations > Favorites. Editing Saved L

Seite 4 - Table of Contents

Navigator III Owner’s Manual My Locations2. Select the other Navigator III.3. Touch Favorites. A message appears to conrm the transfer of Favorit

Seite 5

0 Navigator III Owner’s ManualUsinG the MaPUsinG the MaPFrom the Main menu, touch View Map or press the MAP key to open the map. Touch an area of th

Seite 6 - Finding a Restaurant

Navigator III Owner’s Manual UsinG the MaPTurn ListThe Turn List provides a list of turn-by-turn instructions for your entire route as well as arri

Seite 7 - Navigator III Tips

 Navigator III Owner’s ManualcreatinG and editinG roUtescreatinG and editinG roUtesCreating a New Saved RouteYou can store up to 50 saved routes. F

Seite 8 - Where to

Navigator III Owner’s Manual creatinG and editinG roUtesEditing a Saved Route1. Touch Tools > My Data > Routes > Edit/Review Routes. 2.

Seite 9 - Finding an Address

 Navigator III Owner’s ManualUsinG the track LoGsUsinG the track LoGs As you travel, the Navigator III creates a track log of your movement. Touch

Seite 10 - My Locations

Navigator III Owner’s Manual UsinG BLUetooth WireLess technoLoGy featUresUsinG BLUetooth® WireLess technoLoGy featUresUsing Bluetooth wireless tech

Seite 11 - Sharing Favorites

 BMW Motorrad Navigator III Owner’s ManualUsinG BLUetooth WireLess technoLoGy featUres NOTE: You can only use the hands-free features that are sup

Seite 12 - Saving Coordinates

© 2007 Copyright by: BMW Motorrad and Garmin Ltd. or its subsidiariesThis product has been developed for you by BMW Motorrad together with Garmin Ltd.

Seite 13 - UsinG the MaP

BMW Motorrad Navigator III Owner’s Manual UsinG BLUetooth WireLess technoLoGy featUresDialing Numbers1. Touch Phone> Dial Number. 2. Enter the

Seite 14 - Turn List

 Navigator III Owner’s Manualtraffic inforMationtraffic inforMationUsing an optional FM TMC (Trafc Message Channel) trafc receiver, you can view

Seite 15 - Creating a New Saved Route

Navigator III Owner’s Manual cUstoMizinG the naviGator iiicUstoMizinG the naviGator iiiVolumeFrom the Main menu, touch Volume or simply press and h

Seite 16

0 Navigator III Owner’s ManualcUstoMizinG the naviGator iiiText Language—change the on-screen text language. Changing the text language does not cha

Seite 17 - UsinG the track LoGs

Navigator III Owner’s Manual cUstoMizinG the naviGator iiiUnits of MeasureTouch Settings > General > Units of Measure. Change all units of me

Seite 18 - WireLess

22 Navigator III Owner’s ManualcUstoMizinG the naviGator iiiZoom Level Detail—customize which map items appear at various zoom levels. For each map i

Seite 19 - Using Your Phone Book

Navigator III Owner’s Manual cUstoMizinG the naviGator iii3. Touch the second corner, and touch Next.4. Touch Finish.Trafc SettingsTouch Setting

Seite 20 - Calling Home

24 Navigator III Owner’s ManualcUstoMizinG the naviGator iiiCustomizing the Map Data FieldsYou can customize the information that appears in the data

Seite 21

Navigator III Owner’s Manual aPPendixaPPendixUsing the Navigator III in your Automobile To remove your Navigator III from the motorcycle mount:1.

Seite 22 - General Settings

26 BMW Motorrad Navigator III Owner’s ManualaPPendixStep 2: Connect AC PowerConnect the enclosed AC power cable to the power connector on the back of

Seite 23 - Garmin TourGuide

WarningsFailure to avoid the following potentially hazardous situations could result in an accident or collision resulting in death or serious injury

Seite 24 - Map Settings

BMW Motorrad Navigator III Owner’s Manual aPPendix CAUTION: Garmin is not responsible for the consequences of using a custom POI database or the a

Seite 25 - Navigation Settings

28 Navigator III Owner’s ManualaPPendixOptional Remote ControlInstall two AAA batteries in the remote. Aim the remote toward the IR window on the fro

Seite 26 - Restoring the Settings

Navigator III Owner’s Manual aPPendixin a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television recepti

Seite 27 - 1/2, 2/2, 1/3?

0 Navigator III Owner’s ManualnaviGator iii troUBLeshootinGnaviGator iii troUBLeshootinGProblem/Question Solution/AnswerThe Navigator III does not a

Seite 28 - Connecting to Your Computer

Diese Bedienungsanleitung ist aus umweltfreundlichem, 100% chlorfrei gebleichtem Zellstoff hergestellt – der Umwelt zuliebe.© 2007 Copyright by: BMW

Seite 29 - Loading Extras

Navigator III Owner’s Manual PrefaceContact InformationIf you encounter any difculty while using your BMW Motorrad Navigator III, or if you have an

Seite 30 - Caring for Your Navigator III

 Navigator III Owner’s ManualPrefaceLooking at the Navigator IIIMCX connector (for optional remote antenna)➊➋➌➍➎➏➐Cradle lock (push down and then t

Seite 31 - FCC Compliance

Navigator III Owner’s Manual find it and Gofind it and GoAs soon as you turn on the Navigator III, it begins acquiring GPS satellite signals. The r

Seite 32 - Industry Canada Compliance

 Navigator III Owner’s Manualfind it and GoFollowing Your RouteAs you travel to your destination, your Navigator III guides you to your destination

Seite 33

Navigator III Owner’s Manual Where toWhere to Find MenuPress the FIND key, or touch Where To on the Main menu.Address—enter the house number and str

Seite 34

 Navigator III Owner’s ManualWhere toInformation PageTouch Go To to create a route to this location. Touch Advanced to view other options for this l

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