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Seite 1 - DWA 5 Anti-Theft Alarm System

1BMW MotorradSupplementary Rider’s Manual DWA 5 Anti-Theft Alarm Seite 41 Dienstag, 1. März 2005 4:59 16

Seite 2

6Overview and operation1Code cardThe anti-theft alarm is supplied complete with a sealed enve-lope containing a code card 1. The number stated on the

Seite 3

7Immobiliser2Once the immobiliser has been activated the engine will refuse to start even if an authorised key is used for the start attempt. You can

Seite 4 - BMW recommends Castrol

8Immobiliser2ActivationActivation of the immobiliser after ignition off but without activation of the alarm function is confirmed • by the turn indica

Seite 5 - Welcome to BMW

9Immobiliser2DeactivationDeactivating the immobi-liser with the remote con-trol unit The immobiliser is deactivated • by pressing button 2 on the remo

Seite 6 - Contents

10Alarm function3Activation with motion sensorThe alarm function is activated • by pressing button 1 on the remote control unit twice or• by switching

Seite 7 - Introduction

311Alarm functionActivationDeactivating the motion sensorIf, for example, you want to transport your motorcycle by train, it is advisable to deacti-va

Seite 8 - Overview and operation

12Alarm function3Activation phases 15 seconds elapse before the alarm function is fully active.Status of the anti-theft alarmLEDActivation phase (15 s

Seite 9

313Alarm functionHow the alarm is triggeredHow the alarm is triggeredThe alarm can by triggered• by the motion sensor• by an attempt to switch on the

Seite 10 - Code card

14Alarm function3DeactivationDeactivating the alarm function with the remote control unitThe alarm function is deacti-vated• by pressing button 2 on t

Seite 11 - Activation

315Alarm functionDeactivation Deactivating the alarm function without remote control unitIf you do not have the remote control unit to hand when the a

Seite 12

d Warning:This symbol indicates pre-cautions and measures which are essential in order to pro-tect the rider and other per-sons from possibly severe o

Seite 13 - Deactivation

16Alarm function3Reasons for an alarmReasons for an alarmOnce you have deactivated the alarm function, the LED shows you reasons for alarms, if any, t

Seite 14

317Alarm function You can also check the system at some subsequent time in order to ascertain the reason why the most recent alarm was triggered. In o

Seite 15

18Alarm function3Reasons for an alarmStep Action Confirmation1 Deactivate the anti-theft alarm and switch on the ignition2 Within 4 seconds, switch th

Seite 16 - Activation phases

419Central locking systemManual opening and closingYou can still open and close the cases, the topcase and the radio compartment manually with the key

Seite 17 - How the alarm is triggered

20Central locking system4Remote control unitClosing with the remote control unitPress button 1 on the remote control unit once to lock the cases, the

Seite 18

421Central locking systemEmergency unlockingIf the compartments were locked by the central locking system and, for some reason, the remote control uni

Seite 19

22Central locking system4Safety shutdownOverly frequent locking and unlocking within a short period of time could cause the motors of the central lock

Seite 20 - Reasons for an alarm

523LightsThe lights are switched on• when you deactivate the alarm functionor• by switching off the ignition, if programmed (b 26)The lights dim out a

Seite 21

24Programming6You can customise the BMW anti-theft alarm system to suit your needs and preferences as follows:• Acoustic confirmation after activation

Seite 22

625ProgrammingDefault settings Setting StatusAcoustic acknowledgement after activation/deactivationOFFAutomatic activation of lights when ignition is

Seite 23 - Manual operation

1Details described or illustrated in this booklet may differ from the motorcycle’s actual specifi-cation as purchased, the accessories fitted or the n

Seite 24 - Remote control unit

26Programming6Programming mode, accessing Step Action Confirmation1 Deactivate the anti-theft alarm2 Steps 3 to 7 must be com-pleted within 10 second

Seite 25 - Emergency unlocking

627ProgrammingProgramming The number of times LED 5 flashes indicates the step to which you have progressed in programming.An alarm tone sounds as con

Seite 26 - Safety shutdown

28Programming6Exiting programming modeL Note:Note that you cannot activate the function for priming the alarm automatically when the ignition is switc

Seite 27 - Map-reading light

729Remote control unitsIf you want to start using an extra remote control unit or replace a remote control unit that has been mislaid, you always have

Seite 28 - Programming

30Remote control units7 Starting pointYou must begin by identifying yourself by means of your code number.If the code number you entered is correct, t

Seite 29 - Default settings

731Remote control unitsRegistering remote control units You can now register a maxi-mum of four remote control units with the anti-theft alarm.Step Ac

Seite 30 - Programming mode, accessing

32Remote control units7Exiting registration modeRegistration terminates• once four remote control units have been registered• if the ignition is switc

Seite 31

733Remote control unitsSynchronising the remote control unit Synchronisation is necessary if the buttons on the remote con-trol unit are pressed more

Seite 32 - Exiting programming mode

34Care and maintenance8Changing the batteries in the remote control unitsThe batteries in the remote con-trol units are due for replace-ment after app

Seite 33 - Remote control units

835Care and maintenanceChanging the battery• Remove screw 6 and lift off the bottom section of housing 7• Slide the spent battery 10 out from undernea

Seite 34

BMW MotorradOrder No.:01 41 7 695 36101.20052nd edition GB / RFThe UltimateDriving MachineBMW recommends Seite 44 Dienstag,

Seite 35

36Technical data9Anti-theft alarmNeutral activation time 15 secondsAlarm duration 26 secondsNeutral time between two consecutive alarms10 secondsOpera

Seite 36 - Exiting registration mode

37IndexiAActivation phases, 12Activation with motion sensor, 10Alarm, 13Alarm functionDeactivating with remote control unit, 14Deactivating withou

Seite 37 Seite 38 Dienstag, 1. März 2005 4:59 16

Seite 38 - Changing the battery Seite 39 Dienstag, 1. März 2005 4:59 16

Seite 39 - Care and maintenance Seite 40 Dienstag, 1. März 2005 4:59 16

Seite 40 - Technical data

1IntroductioniWelcome to BMWCongratulations on your pur-chase of this BMW anti-theft alarm.It acts as a deterrent for poten-tial thieves, while at the

Seite 41

2Introductionii IntroductionWelcome to BMW ... 1General ... 31 Overview and operationControls ...

Seite 42

3IntroductioniAny attempt to move the motor-cycle, change its position, start it without your permission, or disconnect the battery will trig-ger the

Seite 43

4Overview and operation11 Left button (ribbed)2 Right button 3 LED 4 Radio remote control unit5 Status LED (on the vehicle)L Note:Do not be tempted to

Seite 44

5Overview and operation1Functions of the remote control unitOperation Button 1 ConfirmationPress once Lock central locking –Press again Activate alarm

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