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Stöbern Sie online oder laden Sie Bedienungsanleitung nach Kfz-Elektronik BMW R1100 herunter. BMW R1100/1150 General Turbo Instructions rbracing Benutzerhandbuch

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Electrical Data for the R1100RT
BMW R1100/1150 General Turbo Instructions
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Electrical Data for the R1100RTBMW R1100/1150 General Turbo Instructions rbracing-rsr.com1

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Left side turbo connector pipe with slip joint. Coat inside of slip with Permatex 598B. It is a slip joint and no form of clamp should be used.BMW R11

Seite 3 - Electrical data for R1100S

Here the connector pipe snakes under the bike. Make sure the connector pipe does not touch or interfere with anything on the side of the bike as it go

Seite 4

The O2 sensor sockets back into the new location on the left side. Twist the wires 3 turns CCW, then screw the sensor into the new location.BMW R1100/

Seite 5 - Water Injection Schematic

Double ceramic ball bearing turbocharger. The exhaust housing has been coated in silver ceramic. The AN4 oil feed line must be tightened down securel

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Turbo Exit PipeThe ceramic coated turbo exit pipe bolts to the inside of the rear pivot stay arm. Remove the 10mm x 1.5 nut on the inside of the stay

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Turbo Exit PipeThe Black Hole muffler section will slip onto the turbo exit pipe. You may place a coating of Permatex 598B inside the slip joint of the

Seite 8

With the turbo bolted in place the oil feed line will snake in a loop back to the right side of the bike and will pass over the 10mm mounting bolt loc

Seite 9

Here the stainless steel AN4 oil feed line passes over the 10mm mounting bolt locationThis is the turbo to intercooler ceramic coated connector pipe.

Seite 10

The connector tube will snake down from the top, rotating into position where the three bolt flange will mate up with the turbo.Before you insert the c

Seite 11

Three 6mm x 1.0 x 25 mm stainless socket head cap screws with lock washers secures the three bolt flange to the turbo. Be sure the O-Ring is in place.T

Seite 12

R1100RTRelay #6 is the fuel pump relay. For safety reasons it is tied into the engine kill switch which makes it a good place to pick up +12VDc. Lifti

Seite 13

An silicone hose coupler attached the connector tube to the intercooler. Two #36 stainless hose clamps are provided. Do not install any intercooler ho

Seite 14

Slipping the Black Hole Muffler into place and installing the retention spring provided.The Muffler sockets into the left rear dowel under the tail sect

Seite 15 - Turbo Exit Pipe

The license plate bracket sockets into the right underside dowel and rests on top of the ceramic coated Black Hole muffler bracket. A 5/16” x 18 x 1” b

Seite 16

The intercooler is inserted from the top.BMW R1100/1150 General Turbo Instructions rbracing-rsr.com23

Seite 17

The air cleaner assembly sockets to the turbo compressor housing. Note that these is an internal O-Ring seal. We suggest you coat the inside of the sl

Seite 18

Here the K&N air cleaner assembly is mounted and secured with the 6mm mounting bolt and spacer.You must push the air cleaner fully seated as show.

Seite 19

Three silicone hoses are provide with appropriate hose clamps, two hoses to the right side and one on the left side.BMW R1100/1150 General Turbo Instr

Seite 20

Right side silicone hose couplers.Note the orange Adel clamp on the frame. This will be used to secure the 1/4” return line from the Bosch Billet fuel

Seite 21

This is the vacuum line from the right to left throttle bodies and the tee that branches to the Bosch Billet fuel regulator.In the pneumatic diagram o

Seite 22

Electrical data for R1100SBMW R1100/1150 General Turbo Instructions rbracing-rsr.com3

Seite 23

Pneumatic Diagram All R1100/1150 ModelsNote: No clamps are used on the pneumatic lines save to the two used on the right and left throttle body vacuum

Seite 24

Water Injection SchematicBMW R1100/1150 General Turbo Instructions rbracing-rsr.com5

Seite 25

Assembly Sequence and PhotosStripped down and ready to install. The air box air temperature sensor will just be tied off to sense ambient temperatures

Seite 26

The turbo exhaust header is a four piece design with three slip joints. Two exhaust port bends, one Y pipe / collector and a slip connector to the tur

Seite 27

Billet RB Racing BoostMaster Wastegate. Note that the top and side fitting point to the left side of the bike (as you sit on it). An annealed copper ga

Seite 28

Chrome wastegate exhaust exits to the left. Two 5/16 x 18 x 3/4” Stainless Button Head Cap screws hold the tube to the wastegate. Tighten with 3/16” A

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