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Seite 1 - Maintenance

1 R1100 - R850RMaintenanceGuideInternet BMW Riders and R1100 List Contributors

Seite 2

10Check Battery: Inspect the battery to ensure that the electrolyte level is between theminimum and maximum marks. Top off to the maximum mark with


11Check the Brake Rotors: Examine the brake disks for scoring and wear. BMW specifies aminimum thickness of 4.5 mm (.17 inches) for the front rotors

Seite 4 - PARTS - TOOLS

12MAJOR SERVICE:For a Major Service, perform all of the service items called for in a minor service, and inaddition perform the following:Change the T

Seite 5

13Check the Brake Fluid Level: Check the level of the brake fluid in the reservoirs and top offto the maximum fill line with DOT 4 brake fluid. You

Seite 6

14Alternator Belt Adjustment - Jon DiazThe following is not BMW factory procedure...use at your own risk.I remove the left fairing panel, the airbox

Seite 7

15Valve Adjustment - Stephen Karlan (Dali Meeow)TOOLS NEEDEDnewspaper (oil catcher) flashlight drain panmed. screwdriver (pry) 3, 4, 5, 6 mm T handle

Seite 8

16After the first valve is adjusted, the second valve will then be adjusted while the first isstabilized. To check if a valve is properly adjusted, a


17Clutch Adjustment - Paul GlavesThe clutch adjustment at the hand lever specified as 7mm when resistance is felt is abit deceptive, or at least ambig

Seite 10

18Clutch Adjustment - Bob GormanA just released service bulletin revises the clutch freeplay specification to 12mmbetween the knurled nuts and 7mm at

Seite 11

19Brake Bleeding - Stephen Karlan (Dali Meeow)R1100 and R850 yearly maintenance requires replacing (by bleeding) the brake fluid.RECOMMENDED FLUIDSUse


2Edited by Carl KulowSend comments/corrections tokulowc@indiana.eduISBN R-1100Second EditionCopyright: IBMWR and R1100 List MembersAll authors have do

Seite 13

20more fluid to the reservoir and start this cycle again. Memorize step #3.The brake nipple is located on the caliper body. Stand to the left side

Seite 14

21WARNING: You must pump both front and rear brakes to confirm that they are responding witha solid feel BEFORE you ride the bike!!!Note on brake flui

Seite 15

22After the fluid has been completely replaced and all nipples are tight, check that the front andrear reservoirs are filled and secure. Slowly pump

Seite 16

23SPEED BLEEDER (a new third method)This new product is a one-way valve that looks similar to the standard bleed nipple at thecaliper, but replaces it

Seite 17

24Brake Pad Replacement - Carl KulowMany riders are particularly pleased with EBC pads which can be ordered through anymotorcycle dealer from Tucker-R

Seite 18

25Rear (GS, R, RT)remove bagsremove keeper from pindrive out pin from keeper side (drive toward wheel)remove caliper bolts - 8 mm hexremove caliper, r

Seite 19

26Spongy Brakes Fix – Simon EvansFiddling with the R1100GS this morning, I removed the handguards for cleaning and to top upthe brake master cylinder

Seite 20

27Changing the Fuel Filter on an R1100RS - Jon DiazHere is the procedure to change your R1100RS fuel filter. It took me about 90 minutesthe first tim

Seite 21

28groove, the vent lines forced back on the plate, and install the plate exactly asremoved. Start all six screws, and tighten in a cross pattern. I

Seite 22

29Synchronizing R1100 Throttle Bodies - Bob Gorman This is and will continue to be a hot topic amongst R1100 owners. Properly synchedthrottle bodie

Seite 23


Seite 24

30rpm's, as this can potentially suck mercury into the motor. If you need to make anadjustment loosen, or slacken in BMWese, the 10mm lock nut on

Seite 25

31to provide a little cooling breeze and temperature stability. After the warm-up ride, place the bike on the centerstand. Remove the black plasticin

Seite 26

32Throttle Body Synch for Dummies – Stephen Karlan (Dali Meeow) An out-of-synch condition develops (R850 and R1100) because the throttle body cablesst

Seite 27

33There is one black tube attached to the under side of each throttle body. Remove both black(vapor recovery) tubes and you will expose the brass nip

Seite 28

34HIGH RPM SYNCH:When performing the high rpm synch, you will be moving the throttle up to4,000 rpm. Move the throttle slowly to avoid sucking mercur

Seite 29

35If the mercury comes out of the reservoir (because it tipped over or the cat hit it), you can get itfrom Chaparral Motorsports 1-800-841-2960 part#

Seite 30 - Throttle Body Sync - Jon Diaz

36Throttle Position Sensor - Bob GormanThe throttle position sensor is located on the left throttle body. It is the black boxwith an electrical plug e

Seite 31

37Throttle Position Sensor - Rob LentiniNote: the following information has been updated in the “R1100 Throttle PositionSensor Tuning” article in the

Seite 32

38Throttle Screw and TPS Adjustment for Dummies - StephenKarlan (reviewed by Rob Lentini)I. The Problems.Surging -- A condition of increasing and decr

Seite 33

39This article does not present significant or new procedures, it has been written fornewbies and simply goes into greater detail. It was designed to

Seite 34

4 R1100 Checklist - Carl Kulow• Check alternator belt (replace 36K miles)• Adjust valves• Spark plugs (replace 12K)• Air filter (replace 12K)• Lu

Seite 35

40Step 1. Loosen throttle cable (left side)Here are four (A-D) ways to find the throttle cable. Use all of these the first time youuse these instruct

Seite 36

41these are fuel injection controls. The front plug of the two may be removed bydepressing (press in) on the wire clip on the plug and then lifting th

Seite 37

42awkward position but the metal flange piece is easy to touch. The screw, that limitshow far it can close, is located on a metal plate above the fla

Seite 38

43TPS slightly in one direction will increase the voltage; turning it in the other directionwill decrease the voltage. Turn the TPS until the observ

Seite 39

44Step 8. Turn the large brass bypass screws out in 1/4 increments if bike will not idle;attach carb stixIf the bike will not idle at all, back both

Seite 40

45 Oil Change - Paul Glaves1. Warm up engine thoroughly2. Turn off engine3. Place motorcycle on center stand4. Place drain pan under the drain plu

Seite 41

46Leaking Cam Covers and Oil filler Cap - Stephen Karlan (Dali Meeow)If you own an R850 or R1100 BMW and there is excessive grime or some messyoil lea

Seite 42

47need for this installation.Reinserting the black plastic ring can be tricky. It is a tight fit and you do notwant to crack it. Lubricate (with oil)

Seite 43

48R1100RS Driveshaft And Clutch Spline Lube - Kit VercellaFirst a few introductory comments are in order. The following procedure is the result ofhavi

Seite 44

49The shop manual recommends draining the oil from the rear drive unit. However, if youkeep the rear drive unit upright after removal, draining isn’t

Seite 45 - Oil Change - Paul Glaves

5R1100 Maintenance Steps - Carl KulowNote: This overview section serves only as a step by step reminder for experiencedworkers. If you are unfamiliar

Seite 46

50Remove the three screws which secure the air box assembly. One screw is located atthe rear of the air box and one screw on each side near the front

Seite 47

51At this point I don’t recall whether I was able to remove the air box assembly, orwhether the rear frame had to be partially tilted upward first. (H

Seite 48

52A few torque values:fixed bearing retainer bolts (on right side of driveshaft housing) 150 Nm(105?)idler bearing retainer bolts (on left side of dri

Seite 49

53Super Tuning!R1100 Throttle Position Sensor Tuning - Rob LentiniBackgroundSince the "R1100 Fuel Injection/Surging/Fixes" series I have con

Seite 50

54this was a good starting point. What is the standard opening fixed by the bluepaint? Is it air flow, gap between the butterfly and bore or, arghhh

Seite 51

55probably go no lower, which is OK. DO NOT turn it any more as the wiper of thepot has already reached the end of travel. Stop just when the voltag

Seite 52

56My instructions are to set the left stopscrew to .370 volts, which approximatesthe lower value of .370 - .400 that others such as Jon Diaz have repo

Seite 53 - Super Tuning!

57at all. Another cable enters the distribution box from the start lever. Whenactuated, this cable pulls a tab across that contacts a flange on the

Seite 54

58the idle RPM is 1000 or less! If your R1100 is like mine, the timing will beadvanced 50% further than the "OT" to "S" mark, for

Seite 55

59NON-OEM (ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER) PLUGSFOR THE R1100/850 OILHEAD - Rob LentiniThe BMW Internet lists have been ablaze lately over spark plug

Seite 56

6Lube and Adjust Clutch Cableadjust maximum slack at clutch lever, at rear of transmission pry clutch release arm torelease the clutch cable there, lu

Seite 57

60FR6DDC, a slightly hotter running tip. Some have reported the newer Boschplug is an improvement, but many other riders I have communicated with say

Seite 58

61THROTTLE BODY BUTTERFLY BUSHING/SEAL WEAR- Rob LentiniProblems with throttle body synchronization and accomplishment of "zero=zero"may, bu

Seite 59

62R1100 Tire Change - Carl KulowFront Wheel Removalbefore removing, check rim for dents!!! out of round and runoutRS: remove fender and fork covers -

Seite 60

63Front Wheel Installationreinstall rotors, if you removed them 24 Nm plus Loctite 243grease axle lightlyroll wheel ininsert right side spacer and le

Seite 61 - - Rob Lentini

64ToolsAllen socket setsmall torque wrenchBMW tool kit3 tire ironsrubber malletbead breaker (JC Whitney)balancing stand (homemade)valve core toolrear

Seite 62

7Throttle Body Syncattach carb stix to each throttle body, RS,RT = 1 1/2 and R,GS = 2 turns out, start bike,adjust brass screws to balance mercury at

Seite 63

8R1100 Routine Service – Paul GlavesIn this article we will cover the specifications and other information needed for a mechanicallyexperienced R1100

Seite 64

9event of a malfunction or failure, determining whether or not the failure represents a defect inmaterials or workmanship in the manufacture of the mo

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