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BMW E36 Blog
BMW On Board Computer (OBC) secrets!
31st March 2007
BMW On Board Computer (OBC) secrets!
posted in Interior, Technical Info, Tips & Tricks |
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Hi Friends,
I’m really excited about this new article and I think you will be excited too. I have found an article which describes the
secrets hidden inside BMW E36 on board computer (OBC). It’s really fascinating me that the Germans in 1993 or so
were having such things. All I can say is WOW!. OK, enough talking about the Germans, so Mr. OBC here turned to be
not as simple as I really thought at first. It has many information that is hidden and can be displayed with tiny effort.
I’m almost sure that you’re going to love the article below. I just wanted to say that you should make sure to try the
Instrument Panel Tests. It’s really cool to watch your car checking itself.
Note: I did try almost all what’s written in here and it’s working great.
Disclaimer: Use this info at your own risk!! I’m not responsible for your mistakes man!
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Diesel Engine Technology.
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Question, Get an Answer ASAP.
There are many interesting functions available on the E36 OBC (On Board Computer) that are not
documented in the owner’s manual, including changing the language of the display. The procedures
described here work on my ‘97 328iC, which has the upgraded OBC - they may work on other models of
similar vintage.
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The display will continue to cycle through several displays. Here’s the data my displays: DisplayDisplay SequenceNotes 363758 1BMW Part No. 0000 2

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one of these elements was replaced), the manipulation dot will illuminate. This function will synchronize the two readings to the highest value. Press

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