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Seite 1 - Owner's Manual

Owner's Manualfor the RadioOnline Edition for Part No. 01 41 0 155 848 - © 01/01 BMW AG A - Z

Seite 2

9n OverviewSettingsReceptionPlayingIndex OverviewSettingsReceptionPlayingIndex Switching the unit on/off 10Adjusting the volume 10Setting the sound q

Seite 3 - Status at time of printing

10n Switching the unit on/off Adjusting the volume Press the knob.The unit will select the audio source that was last used (radio, CD changer or CD)

Seite 4

11n OverviewSettingsReceptionPlayingIndex Adjusting the volume Setting the sound quality 1. Call up the current settingPress and hold the key.The dis

Seite 5 - The car radio at a glance

12n Setting the sound quality Changing the sound setting 1. Call up the sound settingThe display changes to the operating display for BASS, e.g.:2. S

Seite 6

13n OverviewSettingsReceptionPlayingIndex Displaying time Key Memory Instead of the current settings you can show the time in the display.With the ti

Seite 7 - Care instructions

14nOnline Edition for Part No. 01 41 0 155 848 - © 01/01 BMW AG

Seite 8

15n OverviewSettingsReceptionPlayingIndex OverviewSettingsReceptionPlayingIndex Selecting a reception range 16Selecting a station by frequency 16Sele

Seite 9

16n Selecting a reception range Radio waves — medium wave, long wave and short wave — offer a wide range of reception, because the broad-cast signals

Seite 10

17n OverviewSettingsReceptionPlayingIndex Selecting a station by name RDS — Radio Data System Thanks to specially designed systems, limitations inher

Seite 11 - Setting the speed-dependent

18n Scanning and selecting a station (Scan) You can briefly play all of the stations that you can receive.1. Start play with Display, e.g.:2. Select

Seite 12 - Adjusting the volume

This Owner's Manual is intended to familiarize you with the details of your BMW car radio. You will receive important information regarding its

Seite 13 - Setting the sound quality

19n OverviewSettingsReceptionPlayingIndex Type of program (PTY) You can receive even more information by using RDS. Certain stations broad-cast the s

Seite 14 - Displaying time Key Memory

20nStoring and calling up a stationMemory locationsYour radio can store 30 stations:> In the FM reception range you can store 12 stations of your c

Seite 15

21nOverviewSettingsReceptionPlayingIndexStoring and calling up a stationAutomatic storingAutomatic data storage (AUTOSTORE) is advantageous if you nee

Seite 16 - Reception

22nSwitching over to CD changer or CDPress repeatedly until the mode display switches over to the desired audio source (CD changer or CD). With the CD

Seite 17 - Selecting a reception range

23nOverviewSettingsReceptionPlayingIndexOverviewSettingsReceptionPlayingIndexCDStarting and stopping the CD 24Mode displays 24Music track scan 25Rando

Seite 18 - Selecting a station by name

24nStarting1. Switch the unit on, refer to page 10 2. Insert the CD into the CD slot with the label side up.Display indication: If there is already a

Seite 19

25nOverviewSettingsReceptionPlayingIndexMusic track scan Skipping tracksSelecting directionPress repeatedly until you get to the desired track.The CD

Seite 20 - Type of program (PTY)

26nRandom PlayThe CD music tracks are played in random order (Random Play).Start Random Play withDisplay, e.g.: You can still operate the keys for ski

Seite 21 - Calling up the station

27nOverviewSettingsReceptionPlayingIndexCD changer* Installed positionThe BMW CD changer for 6 CDs is located in the left rear of the luggage compartm

Seite 22 - Automatic storing

28nCD changer*Operating temperaturesOperate the CD changer only at temperatures from 5 7 (—15 6) to 140 7 (+60 6). Operation outside this range may le

Seite 23

© 2001 BMW AGMunich, GermanyReprints, including excerpts, are only allowed with the express written authorization of BMW AG, Munich. Order No. 01 41

Seite 24

29nOverviewSettingsReceptionPlayingIndexStarting and stopping the CD Mode displaysStartingPress this key repeatedly until the display on the operating

Seite 25 - Stopping

30nMusic track scan Selecting CDPress the button on the left or right for the desired CD number (1...6).The corresponding CD number will be indicated

Seite 26 - Music track scan

31nOverviewSettingsReceptionPlayingIndexMusic track scan Random PlayScanning and selecting a track (Scan)All of the CD tracks will be automati-cally p

Seite 27 - Random Play

32nOnline Edition for Part No. 01 41 0 155 848 - © 01/01 BMW AG

Seite 28 - CD changer*

33nOverviewSettingsReceptionPlayingIndexOverviewSettingsReceptionPlayingIndexEverything from A to Z 34IndexOnline Edition for Part No. 01 41 0 155 848

Seite 29

Everything from A to ZAAbbreviations 37ALERT 19AM reception range 16Anti-theft protection 7indicator lamp 5AUTOSTORE 21BBalance BAL 11Bass 11CCare ins

Seite 30

Everything from A to Z35nOverviewSettingsReceptionPlayingIndexSSafetyCD changer 28ScanCD 25CD changer 31music track 25, 30radio 18station 16, 17, 18Sc

Seite 31

Display Significance 1...6 Station number on the memory levels FM1, FM2 and AM, as well as FMA and AMAAM Amplitude Modulation — AM reception range/AM

Seite 32 - Music track scan Random Play

The Ultimate Driving Machine 01 41 0 155 848 ue Radio BMW Business CD More about Online Edition for Part No. 01 41 0 155 848 - © 01/01 B

Seite 33

Overview 3n OverviewSettingsReceptionPlayingIndex SettingsReceptionPlayingIndex The car radio at a glance 4Care instructions 6Anti-theft protection 7

Seite 34

4n The car radio at a glanceOnline Edition for Part No. 01 41 0 155 848 - © 01/01 BMW AG

Seite 35 - Everything from A to Z

5n OverviewSettingsReceptionPlayingIndex The car radio at a glance Displays and controls 1 On/Off, volume control 102 Compact disc slot 243 Ejecting

Seite 36

6n Care instructions Cleaning the unit For cleaning, use a clean cloth which has been moistened slightly with water.Do not use chemicals or house-hol

Seite 37 - Abbreviations

7n OverviewSettingsReceptionPlayingIndex Anti-theft protection Radio Pass The unit has automatic anti-theft protection. Manual input of a security co

Seite 38 - More about BMW

8nOnline Edition for Part No. 01 41 0 155 848 - © 01/01 BMW AG

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