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77 51 001 Installing LED auxiliary headlights (14 FRUs)
77 51 502
Equipment trim-level variant:
LED auxiliary headlights
Not all the components contained in the installation kit are necessary for
installing the auxiliary headlights.
Conversion/retrofit also work without registration with the BMW Motorrad
diagnostic system. Registration is advisable, however, so that they will
subsequently be detected by the system whenever work is carried out with
the diagnostic unit.
The LED auxiliary headlights have an overheat cutout. The headlights
automatically reduce their brightness if a certain temperature is reached;
under extreme circumstances the headlights can even switch themselves off.
The headlights return to full brightness once they have cooled down
Preparatory work
Removing front and rear seats
Removing left side cover
Removing left side panel
Remove the right side cover
Removing right side panel
Removing trim panels of fuel tank
Removing intake air pipe
Removing fuel tank
Core activity
(-) Preassembling brackets for both sides
Seat nut (1) in bracket (2).
Insert LED auxiliary headlight (3) into bracket (2).
Tighten screws (4) just tight enough to hold the LED auxiliary headlight in
position, so that beam throw can subsequently be adjusted.
BMW-Motorrad - 0450 - R 1200 GS, K25 31
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77 51 001 Installing LED auxiliary headlights (14 FRUs)+77 51 502Equipment trim-level variant:LED auxiliary headlightsNoteNot all the components conta

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Place fairing bracket (6) in position (arrow).Install screw (5).Tightening torquesFuel tank with bracket to front frameM8 x 45 - 10.919 NmCheck the O-

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See the information about the BMW Motorrad diagnostic system for allfurther instructions.Connect the BMW Motorrad battery charger.Workshop equipmentBM

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Disconnect KOMET from the motorcycle and screw the cap onto thediagnosis plug.Disconnect the BMW Motorrad battery charger from the motorcycle.Finishin

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(-) Installing brackets with LED auxiliary headlights on bothsidesRemove screws (1); these screws are no longer needed as longer screwswill be install

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Continue routing actuating cable (1) down.(-) Releasing control unitOpen the clips (arrows) and swing up cover (1) and secure it so that itcannot clos

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The cable colours of the LED wiring-harness adapter kit do not match theoriginal colours of the auxiliary-headlight cables.Always connect brown to bro

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(-) Routing wiring harnessSeat retainer (1) on cable duct (2).Technical dataFuse for auxiliaryheadlight7.5 ARoute cable (3) forward along wiring harne

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(-) Wiring-harness routing for right LED auxiliary headlightRoute cable (1) along fairing carrier (2) toward the right LED auxiliaryheadlight and secu

Seite 12 - Finishing work

(-) Installing fuel tankPush the fuel tank from behind into the rubber mounts on the frame. Makesure that no lines, hoses or Bowden cables are trapped

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