BMW K1200 Betriebsanleitung

Stöbern Sie online oder laden Sie Betriebsanleitung nach Fahrräder BMW K1200 herunter. BMW K1200 Operating instructions Benutzerhandbuch

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Seite 1 - Operating instructions

Operating instructionsBMW V.O.I.C.E. II communication systemfor K1200 Seite 29 Mittwoch, 28. Juli 2004 11:24 11

Seite 2

Overview16Overview, front of motorcycle1 BMW send buttonOA forvoice communication 2 Helmet socket, front (b 8)3 Connections for CB radio (b 19) and BM

Seite 3

17OverviewMotorcycle, rear1 Helmet socket, rear (b 9) Seite 7 Mittwoch, 28. Juli 2004 11:24 11

Seite 4 - BMW recommends Castrol

Communication system28PreconditionThe BMW V.O.I.C.E. II com-munication system operates with BMW stereo helmet inserts or helmet inserts from J&M C

Seite 5 - Welcome to BMW

29Communication system» Radio output is now audible in stereo quality on the speakers integrated into the helmet.• Adjust the volume at the radio (see

Seite 6 - Contents

Communication system210Selecting a function• Press knob 2.» The function-selection mode is active.» The LEDs beside the l light up.•Turn knob 2 unti

Seite 7 - General information

211Communication system» The reset mode is active.» rE flashes for 5 seconds in display 2. » The system has now been reset to its default settings.The

Seite 8 - Currency

Communication system212Switching off the intercom functionYou can switch off the inter-com function for riding alone or if you do not want to con-vers

Seite 9 - Overview, control unit

313Overview of functionsLED Function Description Range Default settingVolume, rider’s hel-met (front, F) and pas-senger’s helmet(rear, R)Individual vo

Seite 10 - Overview, front of

Overview of functions314Intercom Activates or deactivates the intercom function (b 12)Off = OFOn = On OnHandsfree mode, mobile phone audible in passe

Seite 11 - Motorcycle, rear

415Mobile phonePrecondition The communication system has an interface for a mobile phone. The mobile phone needs a connecting kit with adapter cable

Seite 12 - Connecting helmets Seite 30 Mittwoch, 28. Juli 2004 11:24 11

Seite 13 - Using menus

Mobile phone416• Connect the helmets (b 8).• Switch on the ignition. » The communication system operates in the usual way(b 8).» Incoming calls are pi

Seite 14 - Communication system

517SRD two-way radioPrecondition The BMW V.O.I.C.E. II com-munication system has a socket for short-range devices (SRD) for two-way radio com-mun

Seite 15 - Speed-dependent

SRD two-way radio518» Incoming radio calls are received automatically.» Three-way conferencing between rider, passenger and caller is active.The radio

Seite 16 - Switching off the

619CB radioPreconditionAs well as supporting SRD two-way radios, the BMW Motorrad communication sys-tem has an interface for con-necting a CB radio (b

Seite 17 - Overview of functions

BMW Motorrad Navigator II720PreconditionThe BMW Motorrad Navigator II is available as either an optional accessory or an optional extra. You also need

Seite 18

821External audio devicePreconditionThe communication system has an interface for an external audio device. You can connect stereo audio playback devi

Seite 19 - Setting up the mobile

External audio device822If you use an output with a preamplifier (a headset output, for example) instead of a LINE OUT output, playback volume corresp

Seite 20 - Telephone connection

923Technical dataCurrent consumptionStandby operation(helmets connected, no voice transmission)Maximumapprox. 210mAapprox. 300mAOperating voltage On-b

Seite 21 - Setting up an SRD

Technical data924Audio outputs Bridge configuration max. 0.5W / 32Ω Loudspeakers High-ohmicMicrophone Elektret typePrioritisation of the acoustic sign

Seite 22 - Answering incoming

i25IndexAAbbreviations, 3AccessoriesBMW optional accessories, 3BMW optional extras, 3Activating helmet microphone, 9Answering incoming radio calls, 18

Seite 23 - Setting up the CB radio

9Details described or illustrated in this booklet may differ from the motorcycle’s actual speci-fication as purchased, the accessories fitted or the n

Seite 24 - Motorrad Navigator II

Indexi26PPassenger’s helmethandsfree telephony, 14microphone activation threshold, 13music playback, 14volume, 13volume increase, 13RRider’s helmetmic

Seite 25 - Setting up an external Seite 27 Mittwoch, 28. Juli 2004 11:24 11

Seite 26 - External audio device

i28Vehicle/dealership dataVehicle dataModelVehicle identification numberColour codeFirst registrationRegistration numberDealership dataPerson to conta

Seite 27 - Technical data

9BMW recommends CastrolBMW MotorradOrder No.:01 41 7 693 69108.20041st edition GB / RFThe Ultimate Driving Seite 32 Mi

Seite 28

i1IntroductionWelcome to BMWWe congratulate you on your choice of a BMW V.O.I.C.E. II communication system. This product will enable you to use all mo

Seite 29

Introductioni2ContentsWelcome to BMW ... 1General information ... 3Overview ... 5Overview, control unit ... 5

Seite 30

i3IntroductionGeneral informationInformation on the operating instructionsWe have placed great empha-sis on rapid orientation within these operating i

Seite 31

Introductioni4Technical specificationsAll dimensions, weights and power ratings are quoted to the standards and comply with the tolerance requirements

Seite 32 - Vehicle/dealership data

15OverviewOverview, control unit1 Control knob 2 Display for showing settings3 LEDs for selected menu(b 13)4 Connection for mobile phone (b 15)5 Conne

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